About Park Square Market

By buying from local farms and providers, we contribute to a sustainable food ecosystem that safeguards the environment, reduces carbon footprints, and preserves the unique flavors of our region. We're proud to create a space where our customers can savor the essence of Appalachia while supporting the dedicated individuals who pour their heart and soul into producing the very best our region has to offer.


Our mission is to bring fresh, locally-sourced produce and high-quality grocery items to our community. We believe in supporting local farmers and providing our customers with the best products available.

At the helm of Park Square Market are co-founders Suzanne Ragan Lentz & Jeffrey "Pope" Pankey  They are also the folks behind Tissue Farm: Art and Espresso, the coffee shop and art gallery also located in Confluence. 

Together with our great team, we will strive to create a welcoming and vibrant shopping experience for everyone in the community.